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     The mission of my practice is to provide excellent representation at an affordable rate.  Excellent representation means getting the best result in the shortest amount of time.  The longer legal problems drag out, the more they cause stress, cost more money, and prevent people from moving on with their lives. 
     My practice focuses on the client who does not make enough to pay $200/hour for a lawyer but at the same time makes too much to qualify for free legal services. The hourly rate that I charge is well below average for an attorney in this region. I can charge below the market rate without compromising service by keeping overhead low. I have only one shared employee, a modest office, and I do not spend large sums on marketing and advertising. The majority of my clients come to me based on a recommendation from former or current clients. Call the office to find out my rates so you can compare them to others in the area. 
     My office offers representation for matters concerning family law, criminal law, traffic offenses, and juvenile law in the Butler County, Pennsylvania area. If you or a family member needs help with any of these areas, send an email or call to schedule a consultation.  I look forward to hearing from you.
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